Scarecrow 2016 (WA 100) at Estate Wine Brokers

Sourced from the very old vines of the legendary J.J. Cohn Estate in Rutherford and fashioned by superstar winemaker Celia Welch, Scarecrow Cabernet Sauvignon is one of California's most singular and sought-after wines. The newly released 2016 vinta

Mature Dominus in Rare Large Formats

The wines of Dominus Estate are handcrafted by renowned winemaker Christian Moueix of Chateau Petrus and Chateau Trotanoy in Pomerol. After studying enology at UC Davis in the late 1960s, Moueix returned to California in the early eighties and acqui

A Primer on Hundred Acre

Hundred Acre is unique in the world of cult wine for several reasons:Owner/Winemaker: Jayson Woodbridge is both owner and winemaker at Hundred Acre (in contrast to Colgin, Scarecrow, Screaming Eagle, Bryant Family, and many other cult producers) - he

Shifting Tides in Europe

Across the pond in Europe, we’ve identified an emerging trend that may have ramifications for American collectors. At present, several merchants in the UK, France, and elsewhere are actively purchasing large tranches of Eurpoean wine from American r

A Bubble in the Market for California Cults

Sales of California Cults increased dramatically in 2017 and 2018, propelled by a succession of classic North Coast vintages that received high marks from leading critics. In the near future, however, we believe that readers should prepare for a bub