Baller Napa: Screaming Eagle, Scarecrow, and Much More!

Estate Wine Brokers is thrilled to present a bevy of new arrivals from Napa Valley, all sourced from single-owner cellars with impeccable provenance. There are far too many new arrivals to list in a single email, so in today's offer, we're highlighti

100 Point Wines from the US, France, & Italy

Estate Wine Brokers is proud to present a newly expanded selection of wines that were awarded 'perfect' 100 point scores by leading publications such as Robert Parker's Wine Advocate and the Wine Spectator. On offer today are 100 pointers from the U

Baller Napa: New Arrivals from Scarecrow, Bryant Family, & More

Estate Wine Brokers is thrilled to present a new lineup of California Cults that includes a mix of current releases and mature bottles from some of the state's most sought-after producers. On offer today are rare and highly rated wines from the likes

Large Formats for the Holidays - Huge Selection

Large format bottles certainly make a splash at (socially distant) parties and gatherings, but they are also preferred by collectors over standard 750ml bottles for their superior ageability and resale value. Just in time for the holidays, Estate Wi