Collecting Wine

Collecting wine is inherently pretty simple, right? Well, not really. Wine is complex and there are many reasons why you should take some time to prepare a wine collection. Here's a simple guide on how to build a wine collection that's right for you.


Collecting wine in most cases means that you want to build a library of sorts. This requires patience and resources. For starters, if you have an idea on the amount of wine you want to collect, then you can plan ahead.


Select a location for your wine collection. Wine requires a space that is both climate controlled so that the temperature is held constant, and ideally at 55-62 degrees F and 70% humidity. There are three things that will kill wine; heat, light and vibration. Your wine collection is typically best stored in an area where no sunlight hits the cellar. Make sure that your wine collection, if you incline to store it for prime aging, is kept at cellar temp.


Organize a wine collection based on varietal with the wines which have a sooner maturity peak in an area most accessible. Keep longer term storage. If you have the original cartons or wood boxes, keep those along with receipts of your original purchase of the wines. In the event that you choose to sell your wines, receipts establish provenance and value to your wine collection.


Keep an inventory of your collection. You don't need to keep track, but once or twice per year, it helps to keep track of your wine in a spreadsheet. This will tell you what you have and.or what you should buy, hold, drink or sell from your wine collection.


Researching what wine varietals last the longest will add longevity to your collection and will eliminate the stress of having to drink wines fast, being forced to give them away or pour down the drain. Be watchful that you aren't buying too much of a varietal that has a short drinking window.


is an art in itself. Don't go too deep on one wine and be watchful of trendy wines. Wine changes with time and may not be as impressive now as it can be later. Additionally if you are collecting wine for investment purposes be careful about too much of one wine at all time highs.


Meeting wine people can be as rewarding in the process of establishing a wine collection. Wine meet ups or "off-lines" are events where people attend and bring wines from their collections to share with others. This allows you to taste your wines along side other producers.


Don't be afraid or intimidated to ask a wine professional such as a fine wine retailer or wine broker for suggestions. They work for you and a good wine retailer or broker should never make you feel inadequate or intimidated.

The rewards of wine collection can range from improved personal lifestyle to a financially rewarding event. Please let us know how we can help you in establishing a fine wine collection.