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LIQUID ASSETS DON’T REFER TO ACTUAL FLUIDS, but with wine, a rare bottle can be as sound an investment as a piece of art, as well as rewarding—and delicious.  Broker and expert Alex Andrawes grew up with a passion for wine.  From his home, where pairing wine with a meal was a ritual, to his early entrepreneurial ventures, which led him into brokerage and trading, the history and culture of wine has always captivated him. In Investing In Fine Wine, Andrawes guides readers through the viticultural world, illuminating strategies in buying, selling, collecting, and storing exceptional bottles, and recounting fascinating experiences in the business, the traditions of winemaking, marketplace scams to avoid, and the truth behind scored magazine reviews.

Whether you’re a wine lover, a businessperson, or just craving a tantalizing read, Investing in Fine Wine is a captivating, thought-provoking book guaranteed to educate and please up until the last drop. Cheers!

ALEX ANDRAWES is the founder and executive chairman of Pervino Inc., a Texas-based wine conglomerate whose subsidiaries include Personal Wine and Estate Wine Brokers.  Andrawes founded Personal Wine while at the University of Texas at Austin, entered the brokerage business in 2010, and has an international viticultural network.

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