Huge New Cellar Pt. 1: Top Wines from France, Italy, Spain, & More

Estate Wine Brokers is thrilled to present a new single-owner collection of exceptional diversity and provenance. Starting in the 1980s, this collector began traveling to many of the world's top wine regions, amassing a large and varied collection th

Large Formats for the Holidays - Huge Selection

Large format bottles certainly make a splash at (socially distant) parties and gatherings, but they are also preferred by collectors over standard 750ml bottles for their superior ageability and resale value. Just in time for the holidays, Estate Wi

A Spectacular Collection of Barolo Direct from Italy

Estate Wine Brokers is thrilled to present a phenomenal collection of mature Barolo and Barbaresco direct from Piedmont. The original owner of these wines is a longtime industry professional residing in Alba with extremely strong ties to top estates