Trefethen HaLo Cabernet Sauvignon Hillspring Vineyard 2005 750ml

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Our flagship wine, HaLo is named for our children, Hailey and Loren, who grew up in the middle of our Hillspring Vineyard in the Mayacamas foothills of western Napa Valley, the source of this extraordinary red wine. The vineyard’s rocky, shallow soils, coupled with a climate protected from fog and wind, make Hillspring the perfect spot to grow exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon. 

A warm winter led to early budbreak, but persistent spring rains set back vine development. Mild summer temperatures resulted in slow, even ripening of the grapes. A classic Indian summer brought the harvest to fruition, enabling our Cabernet to enjoy a long hang time and develop rich, concentrated flavors at moderate sugar levels.

Perhaps the truest expression of our terroir, in this wine you can literally taste the magical place where our children Hailey and Loren grew up. Aromas of blackberries and bay leaves, like those that grow along the spring-fed creek that flows through our Hillspring property, flow too through HaLo. The oak forests that surround the vineyards on the hillsides perfume the ground with their litter, and that enchanting aroma is echoed in HaLo as well. Finally, subtle notes of tobacco, smoke, and earth dance in the background, deriving from the soil itself. This particular vintage is exceptionally balanced and complex with additional flavors of cloves, chocolate, cherry, juicy plum, and raspberry that all ride on a bright peppery, gamey base. Decant to enjoy HaLo to its fullest. Salud!

HaLo should be reserved for the finest cuts of full-flavored beef, lamb, and game.

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